Hero Parent Portal

Hero Family Access
Directions to set up and activate a parent account are listed below.


Creating Your New Parent Account 

Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

Unique Activation/Parent Key     AND     Your child's student ID number
The key and ID number is provided by your child's school. Your account cannot be created with them.

1. From the login screen, click the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button.

2. Enter your information, choose and repeat ‚Äča password for yourself and click

ON this  screen, you will need to create a password for yourself
which you will use to access your account in the future.
Please note the Parent Key links your account to your student, and is NOT your password. 
You will enter that Key on the next screen. 


Adding A Student To Your Parent Account
After yo
u create your new user account you will automatically be
forwarded to the "ADD STUDENT" screen.

In order to attach a student to your account, you will need your
Parent / Activation key, and your student's ID number.

1. Once you are in the "ADD STUDENT" screen, click on "ADD STUDENT".
2. This is where you input your Parent / Activation key and your student's ID number.
3. Click "ADD STUDENT".

You will be automatically brought back to the main screen, where you will now see the student
information of the child you just added. If you need to add another student,
repeat the process, starting by clicking on "Add Student."

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